A Tale of Three Choices

Full Gold

Standard Bronze

No Frills Basic

As every customer has come to expect different levels of service and price options when shopping around for anything from eggs to ISA's Here at Station Garage we take that need on board when it comes to vehicle service.


We quite understand that the same customer may have a different level of importance (and therefore budget) on the vehicles he or she may own.

For example Mr J owns a 3 year old BMW 5 series and a 12 yr old Golf and his wife runs a Scenic 2003.


 The Golf is the "Station car"..... a little bashed and dirty....showing it's age. But it has never let him down yet..... it sits in the carpark all day. It passes it's Mot with a long list of advisories. This car gets an annual No Frills Basics and not much else. Spending big money on it is not an option.


The BMW works hard. 30,000 motorway miles a year. Lucky it's diesel and economical. It's loaded with with all the latest technology. This car needs regular hand carwash. Occassional scratch repairs.... tyres are those silly runflats...it is fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (diesel cat), scheduled for longlife servicing etc.  This car gets the Full Gold service treatment with only the best and correct grade of Morris C3 0/30 DPF oil, Hankook tyres and O.E service parts. It needs to be kept tip-top to retain it's economy, reliability and s/h value. At year five it will be part exchanged for new or sold privately.


 The Scenic has been the family car since the children were teens. School runs, holidays to France, great car then. Now that they're at Uni it still does the odd long run now a term ends. As Mrs J now runs her own events business it has found a new role as transport for her and her partner and their displays etc.

The Renault gets Standard Bronze service because it still needs and deserves good treatment (and in a funny way the whole family are quite attached).






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